new year // updated me

As we ring in this new year of 2017, let’s do away with the saying “New year, new me!”. Let’s instead work on the current us.

Let’s work on being the best version of ourselves in Christ that we can be.

Let’s choose joy.

Let’s set goals for ourselves, whether that be physical well-being goals, or a 4.0 this semester.

Let’s not back down.

Let’s not give up when the going gets tough.

Let’s not be fearful of the future, but instead, welcome it with open arms.

Let’s be more open to more viewpoints.

Let’s be more accepting of people and their differences.

Let’s show the love of Christ to all people.

Let’s be witnesses to ALL.

Let’s rekindle friendships that we lost.

Let’s do things when we aren’t asked to first.

Above all, let us be us and who we are in Christ. Let us work on ourselves instead of forgetting who we are in Christ. Let the new year bring challenges, because with Christ, we’ve got this!


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