thanks mom and dad

Let me start this post out by saying that break-ups suck.

Honestly, boys suck. And getting your heart broken sucks. Getting your hopes up sucks. Crying, binge-watching sappy Netflix movies, and eating too much ice cream sucks. Not being able to listen to your favorite songs because all you can think of is when you used to belt them out with your ex, those suck. 

The damage that a heartbreak can do to a person is sometimes unfathomable. It’s like you hit the ultimate rock bottom – the lowest of the lowest levels of sadness. Having your heart broken goes down in my book as one of the worst experiences that can be put on a person. And I’m sure it does on yours, too. But, we all know that. A lot of us have been through that. We know the pain and we know the sadness. But we also know that a lot of good comes out of the pain that we feel; even if it takes a while. There is a lot of maturing, learning, and knowing what we truly deserve in a relationship to come out of a heartbreak.

I was in that lowest level of the lows a few months ago after a heartbreak. And that’s when I truly appreciated the relationship that my parents have. For years I have known that my parents are great, I mean, everybody thinks their parents are great, right? But when have you really looked at your parents’ relationship? When have you stripped away all the aspects of your family (kids, busyness, responsibilities, work) and taken a hard, close look at what kind of relationship you have as an example? I did that exact thing a few months ago.

I blurred all the crazy aspects of my family and focused on who my parents were as partners. I started to look at how they spoke to one another, how they approached one another, how they laughed with one another and so much more. I saw a couple who was, after almost twenty-nine years of marriage, still head-over-heels in love with one another. I saw a couple who would lay down their lives for one another. I saw so much compassion and appreciation. I saw thoughtfulness and constant acts of putting one another before themselves. I saw the importance of faith and their church obligations come first. I saw the importance of family and hard work. I saw a couple who still cuddles and takes naps on a couch that may be too small for the both of them, but make it work. I saw a couple who still holds hands in the car every once in a while. I saw a couple represent love in all the best ways possible.

And then, it hit me. How could I ever settle for anything less? How could I ever want anything more than what my parents have? I know that I am for sure one of the luckiest girls in the world for having such a fantastic example of a selfless and sacrificial love be displayed in my home. I know that not everyone is this lucky. I know that relationships are not always perfect. However, I believe we should all strive to be loved in this way. We should set the bar high for our future relationships. No more Tinder, no more relationships based only on physical qualities, no more being cheated on and going back. Let’s get down to the root of people and find attraction in their character, their attitude, their love for Jesus, others, and selfless love for you as well.

To end, I’d like to say thanks Mom and Dad. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example for me. Thank you for allowing me to realize my true value and worth in a relationship. Thank you for allowing me to realize what I deserve and how a good and Godly relationship should be.


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