to the person that silenced me 

To the person who made me feel inferior, unworthy, stupid, and everything else wrong in the world, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Seriously. There is no joking from this blue-eyed and blonde-haired girl — because of you, I am who I am today. 

Because you didn’t let me tell you how I felt, because I was scared to express my feelings, I am not scared to let others know how I feel now. I am more open with others than I ever have been before. That is one of the absolute best feelings you can ever have. 

Because you constantly put my thoughts and opinions down, I am more considerate of others’ opinions. I can assess situations so much better now and pick up on details a lot easier. So thanks for that. 

Because being with you felt like walking on egg shells, I see that in people now. I am wary of others but that is good. Not only can I see it, but I can help others who are dealing with the same things that I did. So thanks for making me a great counselor to my friends. 

Because you never were a good listener, I am now, if I wasn’t already. 

Because you always made the decisions, I feel the need to give my two cents about things that happen to me. I have a choice — something I didn’t have when I was with you, so thanks for making me independent. 

Because you silenced me, I’m now louder than ever. 

Heck, you can probably hear this southern accent 175 miles away. You can hear my strong, worthy, and empowered voice. 

And I hope to goodness it annoys you. 


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